Community Development Seminars.

From Monday, December 16 to Friday, December 20, 2019

Education - Information - Instructions - Training - Guidance - Professional Development

Theme of the Seminar:
"Ensure a Sustainable community development"

This community development seminar aims to guide the minds of participants to the awareness of the collective nature of the country's problems before imagining  collective solutions that would result.

This seminar will be an exchange of experiences with other decelopment agents  - will receive training on key practices for development - will learn from their peers about how to implement the reform successfully - and will consider the advice of leading experts on the latest trends.

The mission of the seminar is to develop and implement ways to facilitate the healing process of survivors of poverty and to assist individuals, public servants, community and organizations who work for the population and to provide them tools appropriate for effective and responsive services.

This seminar will help the participants to work for change at a deeper level, starting with the vision, values, habits, and the vision of a new community.

It's a long process and its effects may not be visible at first, but we believe it is valuable because it is durable.

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