ORGDH is working as a Social Development Organization, which is registered with the Internal Revenue Services as a 501(c)3 organization. The office bearers of ORGDH are appointed by the Board of Directors. It is headed by the Chairman, whose job is to look after the general administration of the Organization. Then, there is a Chief Organizer, who looks over the organizational matters, organizes activities and projects  and does the fund-raising for the organization. Then comes the Treasurer who along with the Chairman ORGDH look over the financial matters of the Organization.

ORGDH is a non-government organization that is dedicated to assisting the needy through its elaborate Health, community development, and education programs. ORGDH was formed in the year 2006 with the main objective of enhancing the diffusion of knowledge and the improvement of people’s health by contributing to the socio-economic development of the community. Over the past decade, ORGDH has been striving to develop the best education, health, and community development programs that target to help the largest number of needy individuals/families all around the world. Some of the programs include occupational therapy, adult literacy, as well as mentor programs. Since 2006, ORGDH has served as a relief to thousands of people through our programs and is striving to reach as many people worldwide as possible.

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ORGDH sponsors several programs for elementry, Middle and High School  students for achieving student success 

through tutoring program. 

ORGDH enhances the diffusion of knowledge and the distribution of health resources to disadvantaged individuals around the world by contributing to the socio-economic development of communities.

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Ing. Samuel Nelson, President - Founder ORGDH
Pastor Gardy Jean Giles, Vice President - Founder ORGDH
Dr. Claire Lourdes Casseus, Secretaire - Founder ORGDH
Me. Henry Nelson, Treasurer - Founder ORGDH

Organization for Development and Health implements social initiatives that meet the needs of populations.

  • Community development,

  • Participation of the people to return to the power of initiative,

  • Common decision,

  • Implementation of projects and programs that affect their own future.                                                 Read More 

Phara Desrisier, MSN​
Joahs St Jean
Richard Casseus
Lunie Nelson
Caroline Ledoux

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Atim Awuna, Executive Director
Batshebath Durandissem, Ass. Exec. Dir.

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