Urgent need for donation and volunteer for Disaster Relief 

ORGDH is collecting  hurricane relief supplies

  • We are on a mission to help the Floridian people. We need all kind of supplies to fill up a trailer. Please call (845) 345-4497 for information on where to drop off your donation.

We need disaster supplies:


    1. Flashlights

    2. Portable radio and batteries.

    3. Drinking Water.

    4. Non-perishable Food.

    5. Special dietary foods.

    6. Non-electric can opener.

    7. Prescription medications.

    8. Infant supplies that include sterile water, diapers, ready formula, bottles, etc.

    9. Mosquito repellent.

    10. First aid kit including a first aid book, bandages, antiseptic, tape, compresses, aspirin and non-aspirin pain reliever, anti-diarrhea medication and antacid.

    11. Distress flag and/or whistle.

    12. Toilet paper, paper towels and pre-moistened towelettes.

    13. Camera and film.

    14. Coolers.

    15. Plastic tarp, roofing paper, nails, tools, etc.

    16. Plastic trash bags.

    17. Clean-up supplies including a mop, buckets, towels, disinfectant, etc.

    18. Water purification kit. Tablets, plain chlorine and iodine.

    19. Personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

    20. Clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, etc.

    21. Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, cots or air mattresses, folding chairs or lawn chairs.

    22.  and more

Support Victims Of Hurricane

Your help is very important today more than ever. Orgdh will be ready to  respond in the aftermath of hurricanes  and providing assistance to the communities affected with your help. ORGDH is a 501(c)(3) and as such your donation is generally considered tax-deductible.

Text the word: "ORGDH" to 77948

to donate