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Back to school supply drive

Teachers frequently have to use their own money to buy supplies for their students because, according to, over 92% of the students in these classes come from families that cannot afford school supplies for their kids.
This situation can create a financial burden for teachers and limit their ability to provide the best education possible for their students. By supporting teachers through initiatives like the ORGDH School Supply Drive, we can ensure that all students have the necessary resources to succeed.


Consider this:

  • Teachers' financial burden in providing supplies for students can impact their overall job satisfaction and effectiveness in the classroom.

  • Lack of access to school supplies can contribute to educational inequities among students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

  • Exploring potential long-term effects on students when they do not have the necessary supplies, such as decreased motivation or lower academic achievement.

  • Community support and initiatives like school supply drives are essential in alleviating the financial strain on teachers and ensuring all students have equal opportunities for success.

  • Addressing the systemic issues that lead to families' inability to afford basic school supplies is crucial. 

  • By considering and supporting broader solutions, we can make a lasting impact on these communities.

  • Please donate to our cause to help our teachers, parents, and schools by providing supplies to needy students. 


Your contribution to the ORGDH Mission Backpack provides children worldwide with the necessary tools for academic success and classroom focus. After your donation is completed, please send a note of encouragement to our loved ones.

Your support changes these children's lives by opening doors to opportunity and empowerment. 

It is very difficult for kids to get the school supplies they need to finish their education. Let's work together to provide them with the tools they need to succeed and positively impact their futures. Make a positive impact on a child's life by donating a school bag now.

A backpack with supplies for one year cost $45


Oakland Park, Fl. USA

Queens Village, NY USA

Baguio, Benguet, Philipines

Santiago de Los Caballoros Delsibao, DR,


Caye, Haiti


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