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Ways to Give

Make a check payable to ORGDH and Mail it to:

463 Golf Ct Valley Stream, NY 11581





ORGDH can accept money transfers to the following accounts: US Bank, Chase


Valley Stream, NY 


Account numbers: XXXX XXXX XXXX 


We accept  use car in good condition. Just call

Free Cars - From your home or office,

Maximum Income Tax Deduction - We do your tax receipt & carry the largest resale network to get you the biggest tax write-off

No Paperwork Hassle - We take any car and handle everything: DMV, smog, the works - Just call us: or submit the simple application.

Cars - Trucks - Vans - RV's - Boats - Trailers & more




To move stock from your brokerage to ours, please give the broker our name, account number and our DTCC clearing number. When the transaction is complete, please email to so we can verify the transaction.

Organization for Development and Health,

Finance Comite


Investment a/c number:_________________

DTCC Clearing a/c number # ___________

If you require any assistance, please email to  Or call (________________)



Some employers offer an easy and convenient way to give to the Organization for Development and Health through a payroll deduction. Please check with your employer for availability and send any necessary paper work to:

Organization for Development and Health

430 W Merrick Rd # 21 Valley Stream, NY 11580 

Or Email to:

Or call 845-345-4497


Organization for Development and Health is always looking for sponsors as well as volunteers.  Fill out the valunteer form and one of the ORGDH team member will be in contact with you shortly.

How can you help the needy?


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