HOUSING Program Assistance

Have a fresh start and a better interest rate and term while you are in foreclosure. ORGDH helps preserve the most valuable asset for the family. This program prevents foreclosures, helps families stay in their houses, and helps the community to develop. By reducing the monthly payment and the interest rate of the mortgage, families will be stable financially. 

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With a loan modification, your loan terms can change in many ways, including extending the repayment period (which shrinks the monthly payment amount), lowering the interest rate, or even reducing the principal loan balance.

Foreclosures and evictions are going to begin very soon. Don't take the chance to do the modification by yourself. There is help for you before the sale date.


The bank can catch you off guard and forclose your house. Start the process of your modification today.

We are committed to giving you in-depth insights into all activities surrounding your situation and find a reliable solution to make your family happy.​

This modification program

  • can help you avoid foreclosure either temporarily or permanently 

  • adjust the length of your loan 

  • switch from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage, 

  • lower the interest rate 

  • change the original loan.

Mortgage Audit

A team representative will take a few minutes to assist you better with a free mortgage audit with no commitments.

A fully detailed audit of your current mortgage situation and target the different aspects affecting your mortgage hardship situation. During the mortgage audit, our team will discuss various options that you may be able to use to stop the foreclosure. The audit will include:

  • Reviewing your financial status or hardship

  • Review of governmental options to avoid delinquency & foreclosure

  • Home Affordable Modification Program

  • Possibility of working with the lender to modify the loan

  • Home Affordable Refinance Program

  • Best Solution Discussion  

    • Modification

    • Bankruptcy

    • Credit Repair

    • Refinance

    • Reverse Mortgage

    • Sale or

    • Short Sale

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