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Our educational programs help children of all races, creeds, and economic situations, in countries around the world.  These programs include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Assistance for children who are not receiving an education, due to hunger, lack of food, or general intense poverty that leads them to work on the streets — where they are often exploited, abused, and even trafficked.

  • The provision of missing school materials; including books, desks, chairs, and general school supplies.

  • Effective drug education that does not create an interest in drugs but factually gets children off drugs or prevents them from beginning their use.

  • Effective common-sense education on human rights, self respect, and personal values — so that they will dare to speak out when needed.

  • Training in life and study skills.

  • Teacher training that guides teachers and counselors to give the children the one-on-one individualized attention the children need, and which will give them a real chance.

  • Anything else needed to remove barriers and to allow teachers to provide, and children to receive, a real and effective education — whether that be transport to school, shoes to travel the road, or even a bit of lunch money.

The entirety of the program is geared toward the effective education of students.

We are giving children a hope for a future, as well as a better life right now.

ORGDH needs to help 1000 children more to attain school in Haiti and Dominican Republic in 2020 . Can you help at least one?

          With only $100.00 a month.  

Every donation we receive makes a direct difference in how many individuals we are able to help.

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